Peachtree Decco Preamp Issue????

Ok, so I'm having some issues with my Decco.

I just purchased an Adcom GFA 555 and it's not pairing with the Decco for some reason.

The sound is great...I just have to turn the volume pod WAY up in order for it to play at ejoyable levels.

I'm very confused as this is a 200wpc amp so I shouldn't have to turn it up as loud as I am?!?

I can turn the volume all the way up and it doesn't even clip?!?

The PC USB source sounds the best however the DirecTV coaxial connection plays at even lower volumes.

Could some help please?

Thank You!

The WPC of your amp has no bearing on the level.
How do you have the components connected? Make sure you are using the preamp RCA outputs on the Decco to the amp. Make sure the amp is set for stereo and all connections are correct. The speakers must be connected to the Adcom. Make sure the Direct TV box is turned up all of the way if it has a volume control.
Thank you for your response. I am using fairly nice rca interconnects from the Decco to the amp and speaker are connected to Adcom.

I noticed this issue a while back when I used the line level rca jacks to hook up my subwoofer. When I had the sub connected via speaker jacks along with mains it sounded fine, then with the sub connected via line level...I had to turn the sub volume and gain WAY up to acheive the same volume response.

The Directv volume is turned all the way up and same issue?

Signalpath said something about they may be able to adjust the gain on the Decco?

It sounds as though you are doing everything right. The Decco seems to be the culprit.
i have the decco as a pre with a emotiva amp and it performs fine. i suspect the decco has an output issue. do you have another amp or a friend who can bring one over to just test with?
No, I'm the only person I know that has this obsession with audio equipment.

: )

I am going to wait and talk with the Signalpath folks this coming week. It just bites because I have been so excited about adding the external amp.

I will say that even though I have to turn the volume pot up...I can tell this amp sounds really good. Seems more liquid and refined. I can actually hear the vibration from the guitar pick moving across the strings on "Brother" from the Alice in Chains "Unplugged" recording.

"I've always thought that this live recording was one of the best sounding ever!"

: )
have you solved this issue yet? just curious. thanks john
the decco volume control is designed that way.

i used my decco with various power amps & 12 oclock position to 3 o clock is very normal.

Peachtree rep Jim Spainhour told me that this is normal in their design, it has tiny increments so that the right volume is dialed in.

No issues....
Do you notice the same thing happening while using the Decco alone? If not, then what is the input sensitivity of the Adcom?
I had the same issue with my Nova.