Peachtree 220 vs. W4S vs. CIaudio

I have read quite a lot about the Wyred amps and the CIaudio amps, but not much is out there on the Peachtree 220. Anybody have any thoughts or experience with any of these.
I just spoke to Peachtree customer service and asked what Class D modules are used in the Peachtree 220 amplifier. He said "the new B&O ones" and I asked if he meant the ASX2 series. He said no, they are NEWER than that but couldn't recall the name. He said they are NOT using Hypex modules.

I see no new modules listed on

And I see no module on that site with the power specs quoted for the Peachtree ampt (220/400 at 8/4 ohms).

Any ideas before I call back and try to drill into more info with the Peachtree folks?
I auditioned the new 200's and the are very clean, very quiet and quite powerful and produce almost no heat. I have a very resolving system and the sound for me was a bit clinical. HOWEVER, I believe that a tube preamp would be a nice melding of sound traits that would be quite nice. Customer service is really good too.
"New 200's" meaning the peachtree 220 amp?

I'm still trying to find out which B&O modules it uses.
According to this site they use the ASX-2 modules. I wonder what configuration of those gives 220/400 watts into 8/4 ohms.
By 200's I means the D200 mk ii from ciaudio
New 200's meaning CI Audio D200 mk II's