CIAUDIO VDC-9.0 Powering Wadia 170I Transport

Is anyone using this power supply with their Wadia, and if so did it make a $279 improvement?

Thank you!
It depends on the rest of your system. In some transpartent systems you can hear the difference (and it's worth it), in other systems you can't hear it...
Too bad there has not been more responses to this question. I'd also like to hear some opinions from owners of the CIAudio VDC-9.0 and Wadia 170i.
Cleaner, clearer images from a darker background. Have had the set up for about a year and a half. Definite improvement over the wall wart.
I've had the Wadia over a year and added the VDC-9 a couple of weeks ago. I think the power supply addition did more to upgrade the sound of my system when playing the iPod than virtually any single component change I've experienced during my 50 years of audio hobby. I'm hearing things that I didn't know were on the CDs that I ripped to Apple Lossless. The difference for me was so great that I seldom listen to my CD players anymore (McIntosh MVP871 and Linn Akurate CD). My electronics are current model McIntosh and speakers are also McIntosh (XR200).
Thank you RLiddell, I have been enjoying the merits if the CIAUDIO for a few weeks now, a notable audio improvement in many respects!
Do you hear the improvements when using the analog out, digital out, or both. A review I read of the CIAudio power supply noted improvements in the analog outs but not much on digital out.

Dear Neal, I cant speak for the analog outputs as they are no more than a pass-through from the IPod and defeats the whole purpose of the Wadia, bypassing the analog section so I never tried them. As far as the CIAUDIO 9VDC, yes, it produces an improvement in sound quality, I can't say it's "Earth shattering" but an enhancement non the less. If your looking to get the best out of your Dock possible, and can handle the $$ I would go for it. On a final note, the supplied switching wall wart power supply is not regulated and can create noise, with the CIAudio, it is a linear, regulated supply, so with the CI you effectively regulate twice, the CI regulator and the regulator in the Wadia dock.
I am using the digital out exclusively but would imagine the CI probably improves all aspects of the Dock. One important note is the Digital IC, perhaps explaining the negative review on the digital out where I am using a 1M Kimber Illuminations D60 connect (this wire cost MORE than the Wadia itself!! I hope this helps!
Thanks, RPG. Yes, using the analog outs would defeat entire purpose. I use digital out to DAC using a Kharma digicable, and with an adaptor use a high quality power cord (Nordost Braahma) rather than what comes with the unit. Sounds pretty darn close to original CD'sd I have ripped.

Last question: Do you run the power supply through a power conditioner, or directly into wall? I am wondering if the benefits are less if you run original power supply through a good power conditioner. I use the Audience AR6, which I think is outstanding.


Neal, the best improvement I made to my system was hiring an electrician and installing an 20amp dedicated circuit and isolated ground, this was on the advice of a dealer and also reinforced by the electrician. I then removed my AC conditioner and realized an immediate improvement to the sound. So, to answer your question I plug everything directly into this circuit, it will outperform any AC enhancer said the electrician who specialized in installing sound and theater systems.