PC OS makes a big difference in sound

So based on some rave reviews I have read about Server 2012 OS sounding superior to Win7/8 this weekend I decided to give it a try on my music server PC. To make a long story short, I will be paying the $600 to upgrade to Server 2012. Once I added in a nice package of OS tweaks by Highend-Audio PC my system reached levels of realism that I have never heard before from it. All the attributes that I favor was immediately improved. Vocals had more weight and texture, the sound became more encompassing instead of sounding like it simply radiated from the front wall.

Curious if others have experienced something similar.
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Hi Tboose,

Can you provide more info on "a nice package of OS tweaks by Highend-Audio". What type of tweaks? I could not find any reference to this on the High-endaudio.com webpage.
Mysearcher257, you can purchase an executable that does various tweaks to the OS. Its about $113.

Here is the link with more details:
Interesting. Do they offer some kind of trial?
Good question....I don't know. Hit up Phil on the website. He is super responsive. I don't know of anyone who didn't notice a nice improvement using this.