PC for small IEC socket...

I have a DVD player with a removable PC, but the socket is too small for most aftermarket PC. Do they exist?

Check out the Harmonic Technology 2 pin adaptor to
an iec. It is nice quality and can be used with any
quality power cord...
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I have seen the that adaptor, but I thought that maybe a cable, attached to another cable, might hurt more than help. I don't know. Has anyone tried this adaptor?
The Harmonic Tech adapter is excellent. I've used one now for about 2 years. A very tight fit at both the player and standard iec end. Also quite capable of allowing the character of different cords to flow through (I've used 4 different power cords with it).
Try www.audusa.com. They offer some of their good and reasonably priced power cords with the small "figure eight" two pin connector factory terminated. They are in England, but shipping to the U.S. was quite reasonable.
If your DVD player is out of warranty and you're fairly handy, it WOULD be better to just remove the case and hardwire a good PC (like the Belden 83802 I assemble into Kits for said purpose...$32) rather than addind another junction. Zero junctions is a lot better than two, eh?
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