Wall socket change

I'm thinking of changing the wall socket to a hospital grade. The problem is I have about 8 male plugs, but only two sockets. Previously I used an extension cord ,but I don't want to do that any more. How can I plug all 8 cords directly to wall socket? Any suggestions?
JPS Labs, Custom Power Cord Company, and Sonic Horizons have outlet extenders that will give you four sockets. The cheapest is the Sonic Horizons Hurricane at $200; it has four Hospital Grade outlets. I believe both JPS Labs and CPCC versions are in excess of $500 each. Even more expensive would be to purchase two Richard Grey Power Company devices at $700 each. Or a PS Audio P300 Power Plant for low-power devices and a PS Audio P600 Power Plant for higher power devices. Short of re-wiring your house to put in more wall sockets I don't know of any other "good" way to plug eight devices into two sockets.
Thanks G, Do you have any tips on re-wiring the house? Where can I start to rewire? Run a wire from fusebox in the basement into my room?
I believe that there are several threads in this forum related to re-wiring. Since I live in an apartment and haven't done this yet I can't give any "real" advice. In theory you want to separate analog and digital components. This translates to putting front-end components and power amps on separate circuits. Several participants in this forum have reported significant improvement by doing this. I encourage you to search for the threads on this topic.
Husaskin: You may also want to check out the "Best upgrade I ever made" thread of 01/11/01 in regard to quieting conditioners for your front end gear. I also live in an apartment and am considering this along with using two different circuts (not dedicated though), one for the amp and one for the front end stuff. Every little bit helps. I have received a great deal of "opposite" info on the wall plugs themselves on which sound the best and this is from pros in the industry.
To expand the electrical box in the wall, cut out a hole and make the opening bigger. Add more electrical boxes (ganged) and you'll end up with 4 sockets, enough to handle all eight plugs. I suggest you buy four Hospital grade plugs and four electrical boxes. A tip for you: gang the plugs in the box, then install it, leaving the only connection to be done while the box is in the wall to the live electrical wire. Obviously, do this with the power off. This is something you can do inexpensively and easily but the best option remains dedicated lines. Jeff