Pass Labs X series vs. XA series.....

What is the difference in sound between the X series and the XA series? I have a X150 and an X5 at the moment... I was wondering what kind of improvement an XA amp would be (I have Theil's)
The subject has been discussed many times. Do a search and you will find all the info you are looking for. Believe me, there is plenty !

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Capwkidd, take a look at my reviews here on the GON on the X-350.5 and on the XA-100 monoblocks for details regarding the sonic differences between the two series.
With Thiels your probably be better off with the Pass X series rather than the Pass XA series, that is off course unless you go to the Pass XA.5 series, which may or may not be better than the Pass X.5 series with your Thiels. OK?