Pass Labs 350.5 Vs Classe CA401 Vs Plinuis S102

I am in the market for an amp to drive my Revel Studio. Appreciated any inputs as to which of these 3 great amp would match better with my beloved Studio and ML380S. Thanks much.
Nothing like a Pass amp...
Jazzmeup, I would believe that you would find the Pass Labs 350.5 to have a "warmth/liquidity" that the Classe and Plinuis do not have.

All the above stated amps are quick, detailed, and smooth, but the 350.5 has what alot of audiophiles would call a tube-like signature were timbres and images sound more like the real thing.

I went from a Edge NL-10 to the 350.5 because of this special quality and did not lose any dynamics, details, or extension at all. They are all fine amps, but the new .5 series of Pass Labs are real killers sonicly.
3rd vote for the Pass. I owned the Classe CA301 which is identical to the 401 except for output power. The x250.5 is WAY better, in all areas. Just like Teajay so eloquently describes - very "liquid", relaxed and musical sounding.
Thanks all for your inputs. I will definitely check into Pass 350.5. I hardly see one shows up on Audiogon.
I enjoyed a X250.5 and it does have a liquid midrange as far as SS goes. It was way better than Classe delta 2200. I think it would also be better than plinius.

Anyone compared the X350.5 to the Conrad Johnson 350 amp (also considered to be tube like)?