Pass Aleph 5 vs. Boulder 102AE

Both these amps can be had used for about the same money, has anyone compared them, or have general opinions on Pass sound vs Boulder sound...

how would the Boulder 102ae compaer to an Aleph 2?
I run anAleph 5 into a pair of Totem Acoustic mani-2s and am very happy with it. Stable, transparent and powerful. Great amp. have not heard a Boulder product, but the two stage Class A aspects of the pass are hard to beat.
I like to second the fact the Aleph 05 is an excellent unit,it might not have the deep,deep base as the power giants from Krell or Boulder but it more than makes it up in the purity of the mids and the outstanding soundstaging.With only a two stage amplification the neutrality and detailing is second to none.Efficent speakers is a must though,can sound loose with difficult loading transducers and is very unforgiving on terrible sources.We all know the little sibling Aleph 03 is considered a evolution in solid state amplification and garnered numberous awards,consider the 05 as a bigger brother with more punch but slighter less detail.