Partly passive preamp?

I’ve been using an Audio Research LS22 preamp with my Krell duo 175xd power amp. I also use an Audio Research PH3 phono stage.   Since the ARC preamp is about 25 years old, I’ve thought of replacing it. First, I decided to connect my PS Audio Directstream DAC directly to the Krell amp to see if it made a difference (the DirectStream has a good volume control).  It sounds great.  If I never wanted to use my turntable and tuner again, I’d consider sticking with this setup.  My question: is there such a thing as a preamp which would allow me to use my other equipment but does nothing to the signal coming from the dac...which is essentially passive when using the dac input?  
Benchmark LA4 preamp Stereophile and Absolute Sound, sounds like it is pretty much a passive preamp
Why pay $2600.00 for it when the Goldpoint passives above are approx $500? depending on how many inputs needed.

Cheers George 
Goldpoint is a great passive. I use one with the Dual Volume pots. Very hard to tell the difference between direct to amp and using the Goldpoint..
$500 volume pots sound amazing until you hear better. Every audiophile needs to go through this phase. Don’t know a single person who has kept one though. 
Don’t know a single person who has kept one though.
I know many that have dumped their $KKK dollar active preamps for them, just mine alone that has only one input, is nudging up to 1k world wide now.
And going direct source to amp is just a bit better again, if not "bit-stripping" by having the sources digital domain volume too low.

Cheers George
There is a few posts in the LA4 preamp thread today that gives some examples of the quality of the LA4. You got nothing to lose other than $2500 if you do the 30 day free trial from Benchmark. I use a HPA4 with a few analog sources including a DAC.

Wow, did not realize the HPA4 was Product of the Year for 2019. It is marvelous with headphones.