Paradigm Servo 15 picking up AM radio station

In my home theater rig, my Paradigm Servo 15v1 is picking up a local AM radio station. For those of you in the Chicago area, I finally figured out that it was AM, because I could make out the very distict voice of Doug Baffonne on AM 760, a local sports radio personality.

It isn't loud, and I can really only hear it if I put my ear next to the speaker, but it's annoying none the less. It also puts out a constant low level white noise, that again is only audioble with my ear next to the speaker. The sub has a function where it will automatically shut off when it doesn't detect a signal in a certain period of time. Because it is always getting a radio signal, it won't shut off unless I shut it off manually with the switch on the back.

I THINK the power cord I am using is shielded.

Any thoughts/suggestions?
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So does it make an AM jock sound like an FM jock? Sorry. I have never heard of this but here are a few scenerios. If you have Directv or dish sometimes that can feed it to a household. Mine was in my cordeless phone. Possibly if you have Sat TV you might try disconnecting the power cord, coax,and phone connection from the DSS reciever and see if the "little voices in your sub" go away. If that is the case it is probably either feeding back through the a/c if they are plugged into the same circuit. If not then it is through the interconnect. If this proves to be the case
there is a filter that plugs into the telephone connection
and filters out the RFI. If not I am not sure what else I would look at, a sub is a crossover, amp and speaker, can't imagine how it could become a tuner. One other thought, if haven't tried disconnecting the IC and observing the loss of the AM sound, try that it. If so it may be in your processor, especially if it a receiver.
It takes very little to pick up a radio signal. The simplest, easist way to do it is with a wire. So the first thing I would check would be the power cord and the interconnects. If it is one of those wires, you might be able to eliminate it simply by moving the wires a few inches one way or the other, or even by altering the orientation or shape of the wire lying on the floor.
Thanks for the responses guys. I think it is coming from the processor. The power cord that I am using on the processor is not shielded, so I may try removing that part of the equation by replacing it with a shielded PC and see what happens. I did try just disconnecting the sub interconnect cable, and it did go away, so I am thinking it has something to do with the processor (which has a tuner built into it by the way). The sub interconnect cable is a Monster cable that does have shielding (what kind of shielding I am not sure). I will also try repositioning cables as well and see what happens.
I think you'll find that it's the interconnect cable and not the processor. I had the same problem. It was the cable...
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Thanks for all of your responses. I finally bit the bullet and took the sub in for service to get it checked out, and it turned out I had a loose ground wire connection inside the unit. I bought the sub here in AG, so it probably got jarred loose in shipping, but who knows? This has fixed the problem. Turned out to be a $90 fix, so no big deal.