Genesis 200 Servo amp help?

My Genesis 200 Servo base amp died hard. I'm working on seeing if I can get it repaired. I am wondering if I could use a non-servo amp to drive the bass towers should repair not be an option?

Has anyone run the bass towers using a non-servo amp? If so, what kind of performance did you get?

If I can't get the bass amp repaired I'm not sure what options are available to me.

Thanks for reading
Hi - yes you can use a suitably powerful bass amp with an active crossover such as the DBX Driverack PA - then set up using a Test CD with frequency sweep and decibel meter - I have done this with great success - regards Jon
Try Zedaudio in California. I think they can repair the amps. Google him for an email
hi, did you ever get your servo amp fixed? I am going to have a demo of the 200's in a weeks time and wanted to know what the servo amps are like to look at physically. I am told this one is a heavy silver unit... Is this an upgrade i saw a picture on the internet and that version looked like my Genesis V servo, black with a wood strip on the front?

I own genesis V and this servo amp would not power on a while ago but I did get fixed. I fancy an upgrade to the 200's but don't want to find I have speaker servo amp problems in a years time.
Late to the party, but the Genesis amp is 4 channel, so you would need two stereo amps.