Paradigm Persona series

I'm beginning to poke around and gather opinions and information about a "super speaker" to replace my aging Thiel 2.4s.  I like the idea of bass dsp room correction and I am a bit of a point source type imaging nut (thus the Thiels).  So among other choices I've been looking at the Paradigm Persona series specifically the powered 9H with room correction for the bass.  However I'm skeptical of the "lenses" i.e. pierced metal covers on the midrange and tweeter specifically because of Paradigm's claim that such screens "screen out" "out of phase" musical information.  The technology in the design seems superlative but I just can't get past the claim re out of phase information and the midrange and tweeter covers.  What could possibly be the science behind this claim?  It just seems like its putting a halloween moustache on the mona lisa given the fact that the company is generally a technology driven company.

I think you guys need to take a look at Geoff's statement again and take it more seriously.

"The irony of course is that grills for speakers or headphones hurt the sound."

Anything between you and the speaker is something between you and the music.


I’ve been an audiophile for almost 60 years and owned a small retail audio business for 10 years. 

Quite frankly, I don’t care much about measurements only that the speaker pleases me. 

To each his own. 
"Please Rivonale show me one lauded speaker system measured by Stereophile which actually measures flat?"

Audiotroy, take a look in the Stereophile archives and look at the frequency response plot of the Revel Salon 1 loudspeaker system. Looks impressively flat to me.
You ever listen to a pair boring, boring, boring. 
That wasn't the issue. You specifically asked "How flat the speaker measured." Maybe boring to you, but many people have lauded that speaker over the past 6 to 8 years. Boring is just your opinion. Your arrogance never ceases to amaze me....