Paradigm: Monitor 7 v.3 Better Than 11se Mk. II

Ok, this might seem like a stupid question, but I need to ask:

Right now I'm using Paradigm 11se Mark II speakers as my main/only speakers. As far as I can tell, these were made from 1989-1992.

I have an opportunity to buy a pair of barely used Paradigm Monitor 7 v.3 speakers for $225 locally. It's hard to tell exactly what years they made this model, but they started making the Monitor 7's in 1998 and are still making them today. I think they're on version 5 now, so a good guess would be early 2000's.

Should I expect a marked/significant improvement if I go for this? I really enjoy the 11se Mark II's, but the one complaint I have about them is they're a tad weak in the bass, especially since I listen to a lot of rock music. Do you think the Monitor 7's will improve this?

Ok, in a way this is a no-lose situation, as if I buy these speakers, I can likely sell the other ones for at least $225 and lose no money, but before tying up my money for awhile that I have reserved for other components, I'd still like to get people's POV's here. Do you have any experience with these speakers? Is the fact that it's a Paradigm model 10 years down the line enough to warrant this purchase?

Your help would be gratefully appreciated.
I didn't put a question mark at the end of the subject line, but that's the question. Are the Monitor 7 v.3 better than the 11se Mark II's?
I doubt it...

The 11se's must be a decent seller for them to keep selling this long.

I used to own the 11se's. Give them good amplification and they should be satisfying :) I had a receiver and they needed more. Got better amps and they were a nice speaker for that price range. For the money hard to beat!!!
No, the 11se Mk II's were made from 1989 to 1992 or so, and the Monitor 7's started with version 1 in 1998 and now they're on version 5. I'm guessing the v.3 of the Monitor 7's are about 2001-2003 or so.

Do you think they'll sound better than the 11se's from 10 years prior?

Any idea?
I bought my 11se's in 94. Kept them till 99. Personally I think they sound better than the Monitor 7's. I have heard the 7's but I guess its a matter of taste. The 11se's are smoother IMO.

Can you listen to the 7's before buying? If you dont have enough bass get a PD12 or a sub.
Thanks, Sam! I didn't expect to actually find anyone who had heard both models.

Yeah, I can listen to them before I buy and I still might, but it's through Craigslist, and I don't want to jerk the guy around by listening unless I seriously think I want to buy it. It's a good price and all, but I really don't want to go through the hassle of buying new speakers and selling my (VERY HEAVY) speakers unless I'm going to get a significant improvement. Besides, I'm better off still saving for an upgraded cd player like I am.

I will get a sub eventually, that's after the cd player and a couple of power cords. I'll either get a sub or upgrade my speakers. My home office/ music room is so small that honestly I'm not sure where the sub could go! And then there's the wife factor. If I get a sub, she just might kill me. ;)
I wouldn't hesitate to listen to the 7's before you buy. You must be serious if you are going to his house and listen. I would never buy speakers till I did just that. What if you buy them and not like them?

In a small room you should have enough bass with the 11SE's but I am just guessing here. You are on the right track in upgrading your CD player. Makes a huge difference. Goodluck!!!
I don't want to go to his house and bother him unless I'm pretty sure I'm going to want them if I like what I hear and now I'm thinking against it. I wouldn't just buy them without hearing them first though...

Yeah, I'm in the market for a Tube Research Labs modified Sony SCD-ce595. I even have a wanted ad up for it in Audiogon. Thanks for your help.
I'd just keep the 11se's if you want to upgrade look elsewhere..seriously. This from a fella who has owned a whole lotta Paradigms in my day.
Thanks Artk!

Yeah, I've decided not to upgrade my speakers unless I'm taking a quantum leap foward. Too much hassle for something very similar or that would perhaps be a TINY bit better. I'd rather upgrade my cd player, get a couple of upgraded power cords and then maybe think about upgraded speakers a bit down the road...
I have owned Paradigm 7se mkII, 9seMKIIIs and Studio 60v.2s. I t probably depends on how you like your sound. The metal tweeter on the newer 7s is going to be a bit harsh compared to the tweeter on your 11se MKIIs. I know I would prefer your current speakers over the newer 7s. Of the three models I owned I preferred the 9se MKIIIs.
Looking at all my model numbers I hope my memory is correct.
Thanks, Timrhu! :-)