PAP owners

Hey folks,

First of all, a huge thumbs up to Ze’ev at PureAudioProject. He guided me through my purchase process (Trio15 Coax10), helping me to arrive at a good starting point for my first Open Baffle speaker "build".

Looks like a wait time of 2 - 3 weeks.

These will be my first OB speakers (never even had the opportunity to listen to any OB speakers) and Ze’ev has been very responsive, professional and patient. Each time we speak, I get a mini education!


Any PAP Trio owners have experiences/suggestions to share on setup?

I have a choice of rooms.

The first (12’ x 32’) is untreated, hardwood floors, and sparsely furnished. It is my top floor office/listening space.

The second (14’ x 18’) has wall to wall carpeting with moderate living furniture.

I have heard that OB speakers are better if they can be pulled far away from the front wall.

Also heard that OB speakers should not be used with much absorption treatments.

If true, would the long and narrow top floor room be a better place to start? Or is 12’ too narrow for these speakers?

Looking forward to the experience and reporting my findings.

Thanks everyone!




I ran several iterations of Alon's back in the day on short wall in 13' x 36' room, so firing down 36' L. As I recall, well out from front wall, distance from side wall somewhat compromised, but not big deal, better than long wall placement and firing into back wall only 10' from front of baffle. So, based on my experience 12' x 32' room likely better, short wall placement in 14' x 18' room gives you 6' more depth, so this could work as well. I used combo of absorption and diffusion, always prefer diffusion at first reflection points. Absorption on floor likely needed for smaller room, I've always liked open baffle speakers, good luck with PAP.


I have been using Linkwitz Labs Orion speakers for about 7 years and I have heard the PAP Quintets many times in a friend's system. Speaker placement depends on the room size, particularly the ceiling height and room width, and where your listening chair will be placed. IMHO, I think you will have better success in the smaller room primarily because of the room width. The friend who owns the Quintets originally had the speakers pulled 7 or 8 feet into his room but he was not completely satisfied. After discussing this with Ze'ev, he moved the speakers back significantly (about 4' I believe) and he is much happier with the sound. Regardless of the room you choose, you will have to experiment. 

Appreciate the responses!

Guess the journey is soon to begin!

I will probably end up trying them in the long and narrow top floor first.  Either way I will set them up and listen for a while before doing any room treatments.  Maybe take some measurements.

Then try room treatments in small increments.

@sns Which Alons did you have? I just saw a picture of the Acarian Alón IV. Looks almost like a B&W Matrix 801 S2 from the front!