Has anyone heard something about the new DVD Vide/Audio player by Panasonic (DVD-H2000)? I think it comes with the DVDO chip and is loaded with features (DVD Ram playback, professional picture control (?????), etc.). What are the spectations for this player? Is it possible that it is gonna be one of the best in the market, competing with the EAD, Roundtable, Sony 9000ES, etc.?
Flav- If the warranty is any better than the H1000, I wouldn't buy it. Yes, the H1000 is a great unit! However, mine didn't last a year before the motor failed and the warranty was for only 90 days as I seem to recall. Check into the warranty period before buying. Good luck.
Thanks... I'll check for this. In fact, I have no idea, as for the moment, of which unit I'll buy. I'm thinking of the EAD THEATERVISION P, CAMELOT ROUNDTABLE, SONY 9000ES... I just thought that the Panasonic, with its Silicon Image chip, would be a good competitor as well, considering that my main concern is the image quality...