Owners ProAc D38 - what components at you?

Hello all, the opinion of owners ProAc D38 who with what components uses this acoustics that is pleasant in your sheaf and that can be would be interesting to hear it would be desirable to improve.

I use components Naim-Linn LP12/CDX2/282/Hi-Cap2/250.2/Naca5. Music very beautiful, three-dimensional, liquid, viscous and very colourful, tasty as expensive liquor, it you perceive entirely not distracting on separate sounds, sometimes listening to music hours fly by before I recollect a reality.
The truth is opinion, that ProAc D38 love a tube, and here a question more: - What amplifier is better for ProAc D38, a tube or the solid? What on your sensations should be the optimum power of the amplifier completely to open potential and it is easy to conduct this most musical acoustics.

Man. You would have to get into some serious Audio Research or something equivelant to have better sound than what you are experiencing. I would think that an Audio Research Ref 110 with an LS26 would give all that tubes can offer for that speaker but.......the Naim is beautiful, pacy, open, real and I would think that you are
probably listening to a superbly engaging and soulful system right now. Think long and hard before leaping to that next step.

PS. Naim is coming out with a wonderful DAC and matching
CDX2 w/ digital out that I think would be worth looking into along with their better power cords, interconnects, etc. There is also the stunning 300 amp. Just a thought.
I had a ProAc D38 and ran it with Cary CAD-805AE amps, which are a 50W single ended triode amp. The combination sounded wonderful, but it really depends on the kind of presentation you are after. With the Cary's, the midrange and top end were liquid, airy, and utterly magical. The bottom end left a bit to be desired, and the whole combination seemed to run out of wind fairly quickly when asked to play back a large orchestral piece.

I then tried running it with a pair of Cary CAD-211AE amps (110W push-pull triodes). This combo gives a more muscular and beefy bottom end, but you lose the magical top end of the SET's. You also get more of a sense of effortlessness, as if the dynamics are not constrained by the amp.

I borrowed a 150W Rowland Class A/B amp, which gave a bottom end as good as the CAD-211AE, but midrange and top were not as detailed as either Cary. For a SS amp it was very sweet sounding, not harsh at all.

Just for fun, the D38 has been run with my old Pioneer A400 integrated (70W SS A/B) and it sounded awful. Too bright, harsh, lean on the midrange, and surprisingly lean on the bass.

Your D38 is revealing enough to show deficiencies in upstream amplification. I never did find an amp that I was completely happy with, ideally I would want an amp that combined the bottom end of the Rowland but the top end of the Cary SET. But as always - that is me, and this is based on my preferences in sound and my choice in music! YMMV.
Thanks Realhifi,

Than better Naim in difference from ARC?
And how on place Naim will sound Modwright LS 36.5/KWA 150?
Poweramp Naim and Modwright are similar on a sound.

Best Regards.