outlaw 950 setup

I just got a used outlaw 950. I have 6 speakers in the room, and 6 channel amp. The outlaw manual calls for 7 speaker setup. In the onscreen menu and under speaker setup I set my R&L rears as the surround and R&L rears to a single speaker (LB/RB). I can't figure out where to connect the RCA jack for the rear center on the 950. In other words the rears are left and right rear or 2 connections but with a single speaker at rear center which connections maps to this?
Any help would be appreciated.
I had a 950, but always ran it in 5.1. I suggest you contact Outlaw directly, either through their forums or support. Their support is outstanding, and you would get it right from the horses mouth, so to speak.
If you get no respone here, try www.outlawaudio.com. They have a great forum there too.
I would try calling Outlaw directly (1-866-OUTLAWA). You can also try the Outlaw web site and download the user's manual for the 950 preamp. Page 16 has the answer to your question, but it looks as though Outlaw is suggesting using eight speakers (including the sub-woofer). Their customer support is excellent, so a phone call may be the way to go.

Regards, Rich