The New Outlaw Audio RR2150 stereo receiver ?

Has anyone else listen to this receiver?
FYI, there is a review of the RR2150 in the current issue of Stereophile (now on the newstands).
outstanding value. much more so than the magnum-dynalab
I ordered one, thanks for the head-up
Anyone have a good speaker recomendation? Thinking of using Monitor Silver RS6, also reviewed in Stereophile, don"t have a dealer near to listen to speakers. Thanks
with 100w into 8ohms and almost twice that into 4, and a phono section that justifies more than the purchase price, any loudspeaker with reasonable efficency will do the trick. the monitor included.
Hey folks. I just took delivery on an RR2150, plugged everything thing in, and much to my dismay, there is a significant imbalance in the output levels between the right and left channels. At first I thought something wasn't hooked up correctly, or that I had somehow screwed up the settings, but after careful review and meticulous attention to detail with the settings and set up, I believe the problem is internal to the receiver. It is the same with all signal sources into the system, leading me to guess the problem is in the power amp section. I am thinking I will probably have to send it back - bummer!!
Here's the Stereophile Review of the Outlaw RR2150 stereo receiver