Outlaw 2-channel receiver.....

ANyone using the Outlaw rr 22series receiver? Any issues?
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I have been using the RR2150 since it was first released two years ago. There were some issues with the very first batch of RR2150 receivers that was noted in Fremer's Stereophile review. The issue was resolved very quickly.

It's a good solid piece of equipment. Partner it with good speakers and it makes for a nice system. No reliability issues. Outaw offers excellent customer service. If you go to Outlaw's website, there is a chat room (the Hideout) that is pretty informative.

Do you have any specific questions?

Regards, Rich
I have a 2150. It has been sitting unused for about 3-4 months. I bought it to try, I was exploring 2 channel recievers, which included NAD 720bee and Harmon Kardon 3480.

It is such a fine piece that I cannot bring myself to sell it, even though it is not being used.

The only issue is the volume adjustment with the remote. It is too fast. You have to adjust in tiny increments, kind of tricky, or it will get too loud quickly.
I have the RR2150 in a second system. I use it to power my vintage ADS L880s'. These are power hungry speakers and the RR2150 powers them with ease. It is a really nice unit. I agree with Muzikat about the remote volume control.
How is the tuner and phono stage?
Tuner is excellent.
Haven't tried the phono stage long enough to comment.
thanks guys...think of adding the svs pd 10 sub...it has no crossover...can i use the bass management in the outlaw?
this is my first post on Audiogon. I have purchased a few items and lurked on the forum.

Phasecorrect, I own the RR2150, and yes the bass-management on will work with the SVS-pd 10 sub. This is the feature i like the most about the 2150.

I have 2 Outlaw LFM-2 subs, y-split, and crossed over at 60hz, with a pair of Ascends Sierra-1 bookshelves.I set the sub to bypass its crossover, and use the one in built into the 2150.
This is a good sounding combo. Although, i would like a better sub or 2 to keep up with the Sierra's.

I just purchased a used Outlaw ICBM here on Audiogon, for an eventual upgrade to a pre-amp/amp setup.