Outdoor Speaker Recommendation

I've read good reviews about TIC outdoor speakers as they are the founder and leader of commercial outdoor speaker technology and supply most of the amusement parks and many restaurants.

Anybody have their own reviews/opinions for outdoor speakers?
I'm in Ft Lauderdale near the ocean and thus my backyard pool deck speaks are in use year round in a highly humid, salt air environment. After comparing various rocks,frogs & other garden cute designs along with more traditional shapes from some big name speaker companies, I bought a pair of Pyle PDR63's to mount under the eaves of my house. They were under $100 for the pair and sound quite good with a touch of EQ to scale back a forward upper midrange. These are VERY efficient and play very loudly for extended periods without distortion or fatigue. (my neighbors hate me)
I installed them in June 05 - in October 05, Hurricane Wilma's 120mph winds took off my roof along with lots of other damage. When I finally got power back 2 weeks later, I was delighted to find the Pyles sounded just fine, as they do today. So add durable to inexpensive,efficient and decent sound. I would buy them again.
I have been happy with Niles speakers. They have a number of models in various price ranges. I have the OS-20's.
Thanks. I'll see if I can find both the Niles and Pyle speakers to demo.

I do think I want the under-eave style. I heard some Boston Acoustic ones over the week-end at a friends house on the beach and they too sounded excellent.
Just install last Sunday and driven with an old Denon AVR-95............sounds pretty big for small speaker.......clear and crispy.Not bad for a small outdoor speaker.
I have a pair of JBL S36AWII that sound very musical. They are a 3-way design and the mids and highs are great. Can handle up to 150 watts so they're good for outdoors.