Options/Info for bad Scott LK-150 power transform

I am working with a Scott LK-150 Amplifier. It has a bad power transformer (Scott part # 30-4-2?) and can not consistently provide consistent voltage to rectifiers.

I was curious if some one had specs on the voltages and functions of the various windings of the transformers to search for a suitable alternate transformer.

I would also be interested in an original Scott replacement transformer if anyone has an LK-150 that has been parted out.

A Rewind of the original transformer is a possibility, but a pretty expensive option and also difficult to find someone to do the job.

I would also appreciate any other suggestions of possible options I may have to get the amp functioning again.

Thanks to anyone out there who can provide any help or information.

I mean no disrespect or insult but I think your piece has tanked. Considering all the trouble replacing such a critical part, why not start over and buy a working Scott. I see all manner of vintage gear on ebay. I am always looking for that mint Sherwood. I bought 2 and they both work!
I have the companion LC-21 preamp that checked out OK. The can capacitors and output transformers all appear to be in good shape. The power transformer is the only thing between me and a nice little system. The original kit was assembled by someone in the family so I hate to throw in the towel just yet. I was hoping that there were some ideas out there to fix the unit for less $ than a refurbished unit.
You should get in touch with Craig at NOS Valves.com he is an expert on all vintage equipment, especially Scott.
Just to close the book on this one. i have continued to work on this and follow leads over the last couple of months.

I did contact Doc Hoyer who was recommended for a rewind of the existing transformer. He had not wound one of these units in the past. He would have to do a little reverse engineering along with the winding so his estimate was on the expensive side.

I did manage to get in touch w/ a guy named Bill in CA who rebuilds a lot of vintage stuff, especially HK Citations. He also did an LK-150 and had Heyboer build a replacement power transformer in the process. I tracked down the old Heyboer job w/ his help and a build on a unit for me is in process. For anyone else trying to track a power transformer down:

Heyboer Part # is HTS-8800.
Approximate spec's are

400V-0V-400V @ 475mA (Center tapped)
10V @ 7A
2 windings of 6.3V @ 7A