Optimizing Magnepan MMGW On Wall Speakers


I've got a pair of Maggie MMGW Onwalls that I installed in my bedroom for nighttime listening.

They give me a bit of that nice transparent Maggie sound, but my problem is that they sound very hollow throughout the upper bass and lower midrange, say the 100-1000hz range. I wasn't expect these to have the dynamic impact of Watt Puppies or anything, but basically I'm getting a really thin sound out of them.

I have a REL Strata that is crossed over near their natural rolloff at around 100hz, so low-bass is not a problem.

Does anyone have experience with the Maggie On wall speakers? Is there anything I can do to flesh out the lower midrange and get the sound a bit punchier in the mid bass, and just a bit more warm overall? For bedroom listening I'd strongly prefer to err on the warm side instead of the thin and bright side.

I've experimented with opening them up at different angles at all, but the overall very thin sound is persistent.

Thanks in advance!
Any MMGW users?
I have the slightly larger MGMC1 speakers in my living room, where they provide party music and background (main system in family room with honking big Infinity speakers!). They sound very, very good for their size and cost. They have the quasi ribbon tweeters in addition to the main panel, the MGWs only have the one panel.

The key is to get them in close proximity to the room corners, so that the corners act to reinforce the bass. I have mine about 2 feet from the room corners on each side wall, about 15 feet apart, angled about 45 degress back toward the corner. I run them with a Monitor audio Radius 720 subwoofer crossed at ~120Hz and the low midrange and bass are very good.
Ait - Thanks for sharing your experience. In my setup they are about 5-6 feet apart, basically flanking a 37" LCD on the wall, and not near any room corners. Closet placement is unfortunately going to make it tricky to get them near corners. That is good advice though, thanks
Yes, good advice above.
I'd think that corner loading and a slightly higher crossover would be helpful.

Also, I've noted on my 1.6s that I actually prefer the sound from the pole piece side of the panel, rather than the mylar side. This is opposite to the way they sit when set up per recommendations. My speaker connections are now on the FRONT, facing the listener.......