OPPO BDP-93 RAM Modification Thoughts.

I have an OPPO BDP-93 I only use the HDMI cable for audio and video and would not consider analog. Someone said that Reference Audio Modification (RAM) in Riverside, CA has an HDMI modification and I would like you guys input on the $800 HDMI mod. I am open to suggestions from other company modifications.

Thanks in advance.
Just buy a 95 and forget the mod, which are never cost effective.
I would but I think the audio/video in the HDMI is same for both.
You could try giving Ric Schultz a call over at EVS (Electronic Visionary Systems - you can Google "EVS tweak"). He's 'officially' discontinued his mods of the 93 and is currently offering mods on the 95, but he may be willing to do something for your 93 if it's a small enough mod possibly. I've dealt with Ric and Kyle both, but tend to prefer Ric's approach to things as to me his mods in general seem to offer better value. But, go to his site and take a peek and you'll find his phone #.
not sure, I think the 95 modded by EVS for about the same money right now is a unbelievable. no comparison to a modded 93 but at the same time a new 95 is 1K plus 1K is 2K but it smokes my Ayre CD 5xe mp hands down in every way. I have since sold my ayre. My ayre was 6K. So far nothing I've heard in the two channel mode with any type disc gets as close to analog as the EVS modification.
But that's just my opinion and is directly related to value, it's worth 3X in sound quality easy if not more. Analog sound is expensive and hard to get right especially in digital but I guess after 40 years Ric's getting it down right addictive.
Just be sure to Google Search your Modder prior to spending your hard earned money. Google their names to see if others has had problems and check out how quickly they handled issues and how cordial they are in doing so. A Modder who runs into problems, like Reference Audio Mods had in my experience. Kyle, who doesn't have ANY EE educational background and very limited experience in parts swapping at his mother's kitchen table took 6 years of MY time solving their issues, offering endless excuses for their incompetence. Oh yes, how warm and friendly they are at first to get your money, but fail as honorable businessman on how they handle refunds with defective mods.

Endless phone calls, emails and finally humiliating RAM in these forums to realize satisfaction for the $25000.00 "World Class System" Klye designed for me. They stuck me with a defective Player, miss wired Silver Rock TVC selector switch mod, blown speakers and a crappy custom Carver Amp that failed and all were repeatedly returned again and again defective. Stating all these pieces sounding wonderful at Kyle's fathers house. In the case of the Silver Rock, the transformers were actually wired backwards and even the RCA's were wired opposite of each other howling like a dog but sounded wonderful to him. Actually, it was absolutely impossible that it was even tested before returning. Kyle's incompetence was inconceivable! The misery I went through, the money I spent on Kyle's inappropriate suggestions, not to mention the most expensive parts money can buy must have made him a pretty penny. BTW, my stock Oppo 83SE completely stomped Kyle's $3500 Marantz complete with his $900 silver wound Transformer output coupling mod. In today's world there are HUGE advancements in discrete output and modern circuitry that makes these ULTRA EXPENSIVE PARTS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!

So, the bottom line here is... PLEASE Google Search your MODDER!!!
RAM is out. I read some pretty nasty comments about his work. Thanks for the information. He wants $900 for the HDMI that Ric charges $300.

Check out www.referenceaudiomods.com

It appears that Kyle has closed up shop and disappeared from view.

Is he gone and gone for good?

Only time will tell for sure.

Time Heals all Wounds and Time Wounds ALL HEELS!!!
You might want to contact (I did) Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. They are still praising RAM/Kyle. But what had me lol, was the reviewer mentoned the shoddy weld job from Kyle and blamed it on Kyle having the flu!!
Diamond007.... I have read a lot of your diatribes on RAM/Kevin on several websites. While I somewhat sympathize with you, my God man, why did you keep giving him money?
Ric at EVS is very good on all levels.No worries with him.Forget RAM,good luck,Bob
I am considering the Nuforce Extreme Edition Mod. Apperently for HT sound only it should sound better then the 95 out of the box. I am no stereo guy at all so I just want a good HT sound! Any thoughts?
My 95 resides at the heart of my setup and can tell you delivers a HT presentation with the same level of playback it does for 2ch and has the best dialog I've heard to date. If musical scores in a movie are important to you and an involving experience the 95 has the guts to pull it off, Keep in mind there are 2 Ess sabre dac's with option to couple the one for dedicated stereo playback to the FL/FR for surround playback! Slam, articulation, dynamic swings and finese, I agree with the first post just get a 95!
I own an Oppo BDP-83 modded by Kyle/RAM a few years ago.
It's still fantastic today. I finally sold my Ayre C-5xe;
a great sounding player but the Oppo outclass it, period... That's my story and I'm sticking to it.