Oppo 105 setup

I currently have a signature SL 1 running through a Spectron power amp with Onkyo HT receiver bypassed for stereo with Von sweichert vr4 se stereo and front pair with VSA rear and subwoofer. I use a modded shanling for redbook Cds and have a squeezeboxrunning wirelessly for Hires computer files.I also have a michel orbe for vinyl.

My question is having just bought an Oppo 105 what changes would you recommend to the amplification and connections.

I have thought about selling the shanling, spectron and Onkyo and replacing them with a top notch multichannel amp but would I get as good or better sound quality and what setup would give the best results?
HDMI2 into the Onkyo.
Dedicated Stereo RCA outputs to the CAT.
I second what Kal suggested. I have an earlier Oppo running HDMI to my Onkyo AVR and 2 channel and digital out to my Modwright preamp and DAC, respectively. Works well for all formats and the front channels from the Onkyo play through the HT bypass of the pre.
Thanks guys but how would you advise setting up the (unmodified)sqeezebox duet?

I currently have it via rca through the CAT but was thinking the dac on the oppo 105 might improve it.