Oppo 103 digital processing

Can someone explain the two HDMI input features on the new oppo 103? From reviews and comments it sounds as though ANY sound source, such as a cable HD broadcast could be processed by oppo features for a better experience........or am I way off base.
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No. You understanding is correct.
Sorry for the uninitiated question -

Would there be a significant enhancement to my video quality if I hooked the HDMI output from my Motorola/Comcast HD cable box to the HDMI input on the Oppo 103, then ran the 103's output to my display - passing my Cable viewing through the 103?
just got the Oppo 103 as well and looking at the same question, from what I gather oppo suggests for better video/audio to plug HDMI 1 into TV HDMI for video, and HDMI 2 to the receiver(BD)HDMI for audio, I also use the FR/FL interconnects of the Oppo 103 to the analog stereo audio on reciever or amp for analog stereo music.
Will probably call Oppo tech to make sure I got it right first
Forgot, BTW the two HDMI on the Oppo 103 are outputs not inputs.
If the Oppo would does decoding and HDMI input switching, it would be intersting if someone build a Multi channel HDMI DAC with volume control. You could run your HD receiver, possibly a gaming device into the Oppo, and the Oppo into the DAC. No need for a SSP anymore.


From the official Oppo website:
Dual HDMI Inputs – Connect external devices such as set-top boxes and network streaming devices to take further advantage of the excellent audio and video processing functions by the BDP-103. The BDP-103 offers two HDMI inputs, one on the front and one on the back.
"No need for a SSP anymore. "

It would need to have room correction and bass management, as well. In which case, it would be an SSP with an additional built in transport.

I guess another question is: why doesn't Oppo build SSPs?
Doggiehowser, I see those, thought the OP was talking about the the two HDMI out on the back panel my mistake.
It's a minor inconveance but you can't set the rear HDMI input as the default... So for now I'm the only one who mows how to work the TV. But it's a great unit!