Opinions: PASS Aleph 5 with a CJ premier 17LS?

I've been using a PASS Aleph 5 with an upgraded, slightly modified Conrad Johnson PV8 through a pair of Von Schweikert VR2s and I've been very happy. Honestly I have no interest in replacing the amp, but I am thinking about upgrading the preamp. I would like to stick with CJ, but i have never heard some of their later preamps. Historically I believe the PV8 was their first zero feedback preamp so I guess, if that's correct, the 17LS is somewhat of a great-grandchild of a design. Any thoughts about this combination?

I listen to 60/40 CDs/LPs but my turntable is far better than my CD player (yeah thats on the list too).
I have not heard these units but from my experience as a one time dealer for them and reviews of the 17 LS I would expect a considerable improvement. The Mk 1 is considered in some quarters to be slightly better than the Mk 2 and should be a good buy used.
I used a 17LS for a year with an Aleph 3 and was very impressed. I changed from a Graaf pre and the CJ was considerably better. The wide soundstage struck me first, but the sound in general was just great. I went integrated, but that was the best pre power I ever had. The mark 2 premier 17, from memory only came about because the company had to find a new source of caps. I can not comment on which was better, mine was a mark 1.
The Premier 17LS will improve on the PV8 in many ways but it will not be as warm or tubey sounding as the PV8 (some people would describe that sound as thick or colored). The 17LS is more neutral sounding (neutral by c-j standards).