Opinions on SS amps

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I am really just doing research and gathering opinions of the knowledgable crowd here at the 'gon.

Some day I'll move up the line of focal speakers, probably to the alto (91dB) for a more involving sound than my current 1007be monitors. Of course with that, I would eventually want to try some of the more acclaimed "musical" class A SS amps.

Right now, pass labs XA series, dartzeel, and the Rowland 302 are on my radar as having reputations of being very musical. I am sure there are others I must be missing. Suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated. As well, if anybody has come across a great combintion (ss or tube) with any of the focal utopia line, those suggestions would also be invaluable.

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Singer runs them with Burmeister, but my guess is that the darTZeel would be hard to beat, especially given the efficiency of the Utopia Be line.

With 91dB speakers you should highly consider the Red Wine Audio Signature 30 or Signature 70s. They are very musical and battery powered so no power line noise. If they were in fancy enclosures and not sold factory-direct, I'm sure they'd be priced much higher.

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I'm actually a dealer for dartzeel. I use it in my personal reference system. I never loved solid state. Most of my reference amplifiers were tubes. I owned the Tenor OTL's prior to the dart. The Tenor was an absolutely stunning performer. However, I was shocked when I heard the dartzeel. It simply sounded like music. It has the blackest quietest background, incredible resolution, transparency, and huge 3D stage with the best sense of focus, space and depth I ever heard. It also has stunningly natural tonality. It took the dart to make me a believer in transistors. And Herve (Mr dartzeel) is a real joy and truely cherishes his customers.
i wouldn't fret to much about 'acclaim'. there are literally several dozen ss brands which build state of the art pres and amps, as well as integrateds. given you have wonderful rowland amps, i would try a comparable pre amp, and use the bel canto dac for just a dac.
Thanks for the opions folks. I haven't updated my system reciently, as I have been making changes and didn't want to up date until those were done. The bel canto and the marantz are no longer, replaced by audio aero prestige, a wonderful player.
So I see a couple of votes for dart. How bout pass labs. no comparision to the dart? How about my current rowland 501's. Votes for sticking just with those.

I really enjoy your folks input. Cayton audio? Now theres a new one to explore.

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The darTZeel is a very sophisticated preamp, but it has a lot of features that you would/may not use.

Its multiple inputs (6 per channel) and separate gain stages for each one, the three BNC darT outputs suitable for triamping, the MM/MC phono stage.

I enjoy the sound of this preamp, but would love to see darTZeel make a cheaper and less flexible model for those of us with just a single line-level source.

Metralla; Herve's next product will likely be an integrated amp; which would likely be something like what you suggest. i don't know any details; but i hope he can find a way to include battery power on the pre circut and use the same volume control circut.

hopefully this would get dart performance in the hands of lots more music lovers.

i have no idea on the time frame; only that it is being considered.
Good info there Mike. Thanks.