Opinions on Newform Research speakers

I currently own M.L. ReQuests but am getting too much "room interaction" (room too small). I have read great comments on the R645, and because the ribbon IS NOT dipolar, was thinking these might interact less in my room? Anyone currently own the Newforms that were prior Logan or Maggie owners? Do they (Newforms) really sound as great as review (AudioReview.com) suggest? Do they match the magical midrange of the ReQuest? Thanks for any advice/comments!
Hi, I have had the Aerius & now have the 645's.The 645's are very easy to place. You have read all the reviews, they are right on. The biggest difference is that the imaging is much better defined with the 645's due to the monopole design.I don't have a real small room (14x22)& they just fill the whole room wall to wall with sound.You could get by with the smaller 630's most likely in your smaller room for $1500 a pair. I know it's hard to buy something sight unseen & more important unheard but these are exceptional.Absolutely no fatigue listening to these even with solid state. Try a pair, money-back for 30 days if not satisfied. Happy listening, Rich
I just received a pair of 645's yesterday. I currently own 1.6's. Last night involved moderate listening with my favorite CD's and I was very impressed. Tonight, my neighbor gave me a few cocktails and convinced me to crank it up and the 645's raised some serious hell. It is still too early to make a definitive judgment, but I may be lookin' for my shipping boxes soon!
What have you got to lose? Read the review in TAS on the wisdom loudspeakers by hp and that will give you a very good idea about the R645s. I had Maggies and the quasi ribbons killed my ears. Every piece of glass in the room had to be covered. With the Newforms the mirror behing my stereo actually helps the sound by making it more lively. Newform is comming out with its own digital amp soon that will be matched to the speakers which will give them even better sound. And with John's history of giving value for the dollar I'm sure it will be priced fairly. For now I am using a Bel Canto EVo 200.2 which sounds great. My audio buddy tried the EVo on his 1.6s and preferred the proceed HPA2 which has a lot more juice. I didn't get to hear the comparrison but I have heard his system with 1.6s,and hpa2 and much prefer the EVo, Newform, and Linn CD player that I own.
I tried a pair of 645s last spring and found them to be a good value, but not what I was looking for. I did not have planers or electrostatics although I have owned both. I found the speaker to be approximately 87 db sensitivity with the ribbon shelved down in level. The quality of the high frequencies was wonderful and they were certainly easy to listen to. The biggest problem I had was with the woofers. They are great drivers, but in an ordinary enclosure. There is simply too much coloration. I ended up buying B&W 802s and there is no comparison in the quality of reproduction of music. I understand what people like about the 645s but if you are an experienced audiophile looking for accurate timbre and low coloration you will have to do some work on the bass cabinet at least. John is a great guy to do business with though and did everything he could think of to help me (different caps, wire etc.). He thought there was something wrong, but never did let me know after I returned them. I particularly don't understand the sensitivity--both speakers were the same. They seemed to be good speakers for $2500, but not competitive with more expensive except in the treble. I know, what did I expect? But I did tell John what I was willing to spend. I ended up spending $150 which is what it cost me to ship them back. If it seems to good to be true it probably is.
There are a few tweaks that I've used to improve the sound of the 645s; first the character and definition of the bass can be improved with the use of Tekna C-10 and C-12 vibration dampers, mounted to the back of the bass cabinets. I used one of each, for a distributed absorption of cabinet resonances. Their use made the bass much more articulate, and removed the "chestiness" from male voices, etc. They are magnetically mounted, and easily removed for an instant comparison. Two of these on each speaker was a very good and reasonably priced improvement. If you try these speakers, allow 2-3 weeks for the ribbons to break in, because they can sound bright at first, but it is well worth the wait, as they get smoother with playing. I would also try different kinds of wire for the short jumpers to the ribbons, because it made a big difference in my system. I preferred silver speaker cables (of any brand) over the stock Nordost Flatline supplied by Newform. With just a few tweaks, nothing in their price range can touch the sound of these ribbons; vocals and piano music are a special treat, and they image "wall to wall". The bass response will be deeper and smoother with a few feet of space behind the speaker to the back wall, so experiment for best balance.