Opinions on Newform Research Speakers

Anyone have personal experience with Newform Research's R645 speakers? Interesting design. Many compelling customer reviews on audioreview.com The price is also right... but being a factory direct purchase its a leap of faith to purchase without an audition. Thanks for the input!
yer rite, but i'm gonna make that leap of faith - the email & fone conversations i've had w/john meywr, the owner, have convinced me. i'm saving up as we speak, hope to have 'em (the nhb645's, as i have a pair of vmps larger subs), in a couple months.
I don't have experience with the 645's but I have the older Model 30's paired with a Definitive Technology Powerfield Subwoofer. The sound is very open and airy with an excellent soundstage. You need to pay attention to placement and the make sure if your source equipment is between the pair, that speakers are in front of the equipment. I will upgrade to the 645's when I get the cash and use the model 30's for surround sound (when I make the home theater leap).