Center Channel for Newforms???


I just ordered a pair of Newform Mod 30 ribbon hybrid speakers to use as the front channels in my home theater system. I looked on Newform's website and they do not offer a horizontally configured ribbon channel to compliment their ribbon hybrids -- in fact it seems like they don't even recommend using a center channel.

My question is for those who use Newform speakers in their HT installation. What do you use for a center channel, or do you recommend not using a center channel with Newform speakers?
When not using a center channel, you can always set your receiver in phantom mode, thus sending the center channel information to the fronts.

BTW, I've never heard the Newforms.

Yes, I was thinking of setting the receiver to send the info to the main channels, but I also thought that perhaps another company made a ribbon center channel that may be compatible and that would not be too expensive.

I see that Newform makes a model 58, but that one is vertically oriented and wouldn't work in my situation.
I went through this a couple years back and ended up buying a VMPS 626R for use as a center. This is vertical monitor, and I turned it upside down, with tweeter at the bottom to attain tweeter and mid-panel orientation to the ear. The angle was still very steep, and care should be taken in trying it. I used a Lexicon MC-1 for a processor and set the center cross at 120 hz and the 645's at 80 hz. The VMPS could have been set at 80, but sound quality and imaging was a better match this way and was quite enjoyable. My 645's were not modded. VMPS did not have the razor detail of the Newforms but the VMPS was very, very smooth right out of the box,with excellent clarity and very natural presentation. VMPS does have a dedicated ribbon horizontal center now, the LRC. VMPS has a limited number of dealers. Possibly you live near to one or VMPS can suggest how you could audition one. Good luck on your hunt.