Opinions on Cary 301 and Jolida 100

I do not have the ability to hear either of these CDPs and would appreciate any input from the board. The Cary used is about the same price of a new Jolida.
Thanks Dave
cary is a much better piece....heard them both.......but i also heard that the cary is a modded jolida? i think you can do better in terms of performance..and sound from other great cdp's...yba,naim,linn, and service is always available for these units....so is cary but still i would look into the ones i mentioned.
I have read a review by a Cary/Jolida owner who preferred the Jolida. They both have the same drive. The Jolida costs less too.
i actually sold my YBACD1 for the Jolida and am very happy i did.
antmo........was it becouse of the warmer tone of the tubes..that you sold your yba -1?
yes it was,also had the slam i was looking for.the yba was smooth...so smooth it put me to sleep.