Opinions on Audio Matiere amps

Hi, folks

I just aquired a used 30 WPC integrated amplifier made
by the French company 'Audio Matiere' (I had no idea about this company). I have a pair of Spendor FL8 speakers.
So far, I am very pleased with the sound! of this amp.
This amp does not have a phono stage though and I am not so happy about it. What phono stage I could by for this amp?
What connections are used between a phono stage and an integrated amp? What is your experience with Audio Matiere gear? Do you think my FL8s are a good much for this amp?
Thanks in advance.
Audio Matiere made some of the best-sounding amps I have heard; I'm not sure if they're still in business. I understand that the designer of the Audio Matiere equipment (who I believe also was involved in the design of the Jadis equipment) is now with Aero Audio, and the designs from that company seem quite similar. You might want to see if they make a separate phono section, if Audio Matiere is no longer around. I'd also think a Jadis phono stage or the Aesthetix IO or Herron might work well with your integrated. As far as connecting the phono stage, while I don't know what inputs you have, so long as you get an outboard phono stage with enough gain, you could probably connect it to a line input of the integrated.
previously owned a Audio Matiere Paraphase it was better than a C.A.T. preamp or Jadis JPL preamp. Had a extremely layered and airy soundstage and presence doesn't get any better. Build quality is very good and unique.
I believe that the US Distributor was Ron Hendrich from Marigo Audio Labs, Im sure he has quite a bit of knowledge of these amps.