Opinions AV recievers under 1000 new or used

I am looking at the Denon 1082/3802/3803, B&K 202, Outlaw 1050, maybe Rotel, etc. I know there are lots of split threads on this topic. I dont suppose there is anyone with experience with all these;)

For me Music sound is extremely important and the reciever must be able to forcefully handle 4ohm loads.

I like the outlaw and the B&K but they dont have component video connects:(

Any suggestions? I would like to spend around $700 or less if I can.


I can't comment on all of the receivers listed as I have only owned the B&K AVR-202 from your list. However, I have also owned Denon AVR-3300 and Sony SRT-DB930 for HT receivers.

Of those, the B&K was noticably better sounding for music and HT. The B&K looks awesome too and had great build quality. I did not like the user interface (ergonomics) of the B&K, but some people think it is great.

Concerning the lack of component video switching-do you really want to buy 2 expensive component video cables when you can go directly from your DVD player to you TV and use macros on your remote to control all of the needed switching? You can save money and possibly improve video quality by NOT having your receiver switch your component video.


TIC you are right about AVR switching of component video. It only occured to me after I made the post that it really isnt an issue...especially since my tv has 4 seperate component video inputs. Duh:)

I have both the Denon 3802 and the Marantz SR18EX, and the
Marantz overall is the better sound for both music and HT.
I'm thinking of replacing the Denon because the difference
is just too great to be enjoyable. Any upgrade in power
cords and interconnects reaped greater benefits with the
Marantz. I looked at the B&K307 before buying the Marantz
and personally liked the sound of the Marantz better.
I sold a Yamaha dsp-3090 integrated amp/processor which was highly rated. the only reason i got rid of it was the lack of DTS. I purchased the Yamaha rxv1 amp/processor/tuner to replace the 3090. I have owned Yamaha gear for almost 30 years and I prefer Yamaha over Denon and Marantz. just my opinion.