Opine on Spectral vs Berning

Hi friends. Any opinions on if a Spectral DMC 12 preamp, dating from the early 1990s, would offer better sound than my trusty old Berning TF-10 preamp. I would need to add a phono section from Spectral to the DMC 12, I am mostly a vinyl guy, have an updated Linn LP 12 with a Benz m2 cartridge. I can't afford to also get a Spectral amp or MIT cables for now, I know Spectral advises strongly for system-ness, but I understand that the preamp is less of an issue. I use an Italian amp, the Aloia 15.01, which is 50 wpc in class A, choke regulated inductive power supply device.
Hi Redwine, As far as... is the Spectral better than your Berning?
Who knows... I have been a long time Spectral owner. It keeps me away from
the upgrade bug, unless it is a Spectral upgrade.You can use any Spectral
preamp with anything. You just have to make sure the impedances match.
You should also check with Spectral to see if you can get the phono
installed after all these years. Honestly if you want to go Spectral go for the
30 series and go outboard phono. FYI any Spectral amp must use MIT
speaker cables, Spectral pre, and MIT Ic's.