MIT Cables for Spectral

I'm a new owner of the Spectral mono block amplifiers DMA 360 (series II) and the Spectral preamplifier DMC 30ss. At the recommendation of the dealer, I purchased the MIT/Spectral ICs MI-350 Ultralinear Series II, and since my speakers are bi-wire and the MH-770 is only made single wire, I'm considering the MIT shotgun MA in a bi-wire configuration. I would appreciate your experience with MIT cabling for Spectral !
Yes, the MA series cables are made to work with Spectral. MIT cables are the only cables for a Spectral set up.
Congrats on the new system. You chose what I would consider to be the best. My next amps will be DMA 360's if they would ever show up used! I am poised and ready as I missed the last pair. As for the cables, MIT is one of those odd products that actually do get better as you go up the line. Get the best you can afford would be my advice. Some do have subtle differences in sonic signature as those price points overlap but they are subtle, from what I have listened to. I always find it best to match your ic to speaker cables but some guys do not. Enjoy that stuff!
Maybe you could consider going MA all the way, also the interconnect. I have heard that MA works best in an all MA set up. Anyway, congrats with your excellent buy! I have the old 360 and still love `em.
Here there is a conversation on cable MIT Shotgun S1. (. 2... 3) or it is told about series Magnum M1... (2... 3...)?