Spectral Preamps better than Accuphase Preamps?

I am down to two choices to purchase a Preamp. Spectral or
Accuphase. I need opinions since their is no dealers in my area to listen to these pieces for comparison. A friend of my had a Spectral DMC-10 I believe was Demian Martins last design before Johnson took over. Very tube like sound. Smooth, laid back and warm. Very rich sound. I read that Accuphase has such a warm, smooth rich character which I prefer, but the Spectrals are faster. Do the current Spectral Pre's retain the character of the pieces designed
by Martin years ago, or are the current designs by Johnson
over kill in detail but lacking their classic smooth character?
What is your amplifier and which preamp models are your considering? I have a DMC30SS in the context of a Spectral system and prior to this system had an Accuphase C2800 driving a set of Lamm amps. The Accuphase preamp is very easy to listen to, has excellent resolution and tends to smooth out edges so that there is nothing harsh. That model was outstanding but bested by a Boulder preamp, which I therefore acquired. The Spectral preamp is highly resolving, transmits a wealth of information effortlessly. However, in the wrong setup it may not seem to work right. I say this because I had the DMC20 14 years ago and at the time it did not seem to match my other gear at all (can't remember what it was but it would have been a solid state amp).

I would say that the Spectral preamp is as smooth as I would want it to be (there is nothing objectionable about its treble and its reproduction of transients is remarkable). I don't think you'll hear the attack and decay as clearly with an Accuphase preamp.
Classicjazz. I just sold my system which was a Pass Labs X-1 Pre and a pair of Nuforce 9SE MK.2's and a top of the line Denon CD player, and a pair of Camber 3.5ti speakers. I'm in the process of moving and will be buying a Spectron Musician III MK.2 Amp with upgrades and a pair of Acoustic Zen Crescendo speakers. Talked to Larry Diaz at High End Heaven and he stated the smoothest, richest and the warmest solid state Preamp on the market is the Vitus SL-010. Picking the right Preamp is absolute surgery.
Classicjazz. I need to correct myself regarding Larry's business name and his opinion on Vitus. He is at the High End Palace and not High End Heaven. Too many High End sites
on the brain!!
I am currently using the Vitus SL-101 and i agree with Larry Diaz... it is a warm , smooth , rich sounding pre with great resolution.......
Spectral are detailed, fast, dynamic electronics
Accuphase is fuller, warmer, organic, type of electronics.