Open Letter To REL, SVS, Hsu, etc., et al

Why don’t you include a cd that will actually enable your customers to properly set up their purchase from you? Telling me to choose something with ‘low bass content’ and put it on repeat is pathetic at best. There are very specific and very limited numbers of tones needed to dial in a sub. One of the above companies tells me to use track 4 from ‘Sneakers’, a 29 year old movie, as an aid in dialing in a sub. Maybe in 70 years the track will be in the public domain and they can just rip it for free to whatever medium is current in 2091.
Test tones, as far as I know, aren’t copyrighted, and would cost very little to put on a cd. 50 blank cd’s cost 15.00 retail. Include one with tones and instructions in the box. Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, etc., etc., would also qualify as a place to put your sub setup tones, along with detailed voice instructions. 
I know many people now use automated setups in their AVR’s, but I’d bet many reading this on Audiogon don’t- most two channel systems are behind the times in this regard.
Or am I missing something?
IMO there are at least 2 good reasons to use a sub(s) in a high quality 2 channel system. First, many otherwise excellent loudspeakers don't produce deep bass all that well.  Second, for soundstage/imaging, the optimal placement of main loudspeakers often is not the same as the optimal placement for bass response.

Sure, trial and error is one way to get it right. For those of us who prefer to be a little more systematic, without spending too much time on set-up, I agree a test-tone collection might be helpful.  Although, tones are pretty easy to find on the Internet.

You can also generate tones/sweeps with REW.  

Agree- the more basic tools the better at least to get a start and reference point, especially as like you say they're soooo cheap to make, take up hardly any space, far easier to use than faff about with computers or seek out earth-shatteringly dull/ unmusical tracks just for a repetitive bass line. 

Does anybody use electronic piano/ keyboard through the stereo? Playing a chromatic over the whole instrument it's immediately obvious where the resonances/ dips are. The piano sound quality on a pro keyboard is astounding and you've also got all the other instrument synths and sound effects at the press of a key without having to play track snooker.

Just found the velodyne and hsuresearch sites but surprised there's little else obviously out there.

Hi-fi choice did a free system tune -up disc with Isotek years ago that does tone sweeps (pure and 'noisy'), imaging etc- just seen similar for sale for £30!!!!

Also sure you used to get sound demo CD/ DVDs with PC soundcards, AV amps with some interesting things on them (loved the surround sound flying bee one), bit of a novelty but a bit of fun and still loads of potentially useful tracks.

Once again, if your 2 channel speakers such so bad in bass that you need to "Dr" it with a sub, you bought the wrong set of 2 channel speakers to begin with and they should be replaced Pronto. All my opinion, some may object lol....
Pray, do tell, what perfect HiFi speakers do you own?

Adding a sub properly, i.e. with a crossover to roll the bottom from the mains, reduces amplifier load thus increasing headroom and reducing woofer distortion.

Look at the low end impedance curve of many highly regarded [by some] speakers. With tube amplification, a sub is almost mandatory.

"An articulate, extended and veracious low end adds realism out of all proportion to the numbers." - me
Grab the Jennifer Warnes CD called The Hunter.
That's my sub reference CD for tuning.
none other than the great Max Townshend ; “ pushing the boundaries of audio playback requires more understanding of our art form objectively, not just hearing but understanding through measurements “......

listen and measure......