I would use the bold letters...

...if I were printing a jazz encyclopedia pages for Lounge Lizards as for one of the most talented jazz bands. Their jazz seems more real to me than Jerry Muligan's or Chet Baker. I've realized that there is no other jazz-band or performer ties me up to the listening chair as Lounge Lizards. I also believe that there is nothing like Lounge Lizards and if anyone else knows the similar band or performer(the members of Lounge Lizards don't count) please share.
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the austin lounge lizards? will have to get 'em out for a refresher. "pflugerville" my fav. country comes to mind when i think of the LL's. will be the first listen pick of the day. kurt
Kurt, "Austin Lounge Lizards" and "Lounge Lizards" are two completely different bands. Do the research on LL's albums: "No Pain For Cakes", "Lounge Lizards"(S/T), "Live in Tokyo", "Live From The Drunken Boat"... It's mostly know to the New York "underground" environment.
I haven't listened to the Lounge Lizards in quite awhile, but based on my memories of their 'sound', I might suggest that you check out the music of Charles Brackeen and Henry Threadgill. Curlew also did some interesting things in this vein of sound that may appeal to you. Some of the current players that center around the AACM collective may also be worthy of investigation; Hamid Drake, William Parker, Fred Anderson, etc., although these guys often dig into deeper and more 'out' veins of free-jazz. I also am an avid fan of anything Kahil El'Zabar and/or his Ethnic Heritage Ensemble have been involved in, and could be loosely categorized as part of the musical vein we're discussing. I saw them live a few months back and they blew my mind! Well worth checking out.
Lounge Lizards Question --

John Lurie did the soundtrack for Barfly if I remember correctly. I remember watching this movie and getting caught more by the music that the movie....

Searching around it doesn't appear that a soundtrack existed for the movie, at least on CD..

Does anyone know otherwise?
John Lurie has put out a couple great albums over the past decade. I really enjoy the atmosphere of the his "John Lurie National Orchestra - Men with Sticks" LP. I admit at's a departure from LL's.

Anyone catch the "Fishing with John" segments shown on cable? Really funny. No music though.