Another Letterman guest I wasn't aware of..

Big fan of Johnny Winter. Never knew he was on Dave's show.

Go, Johnny go!
Thank you for this.  I am a huge Johnny Winter fan.

I am also a fan of Johnny's and have great respect for this largely forgotten but truly great artist. I saw him three times, once about two years before his death, and he was still as fabulous as ever. What a fine guitarist and songwriter. I still miss him.

I felt so good watching that interview. He had the enthusiasm of a child, and was also humble. He really rocked that stage as always.

Thanks tablejockey


I felt the same way too. You can feel Johnnys inner child,as he speaks with Dave.

This was a refreshing watch. Johnny  was on top of his game. Very few guitarist can  make that song, "their song" as Johnny.

I also saw Johnny a few years back. He was frail, but it was still Johnny and the crowd gave him all due respect a real Bluesman deserves.

Johnny Winter was Johnny B. Goode.

Thanks for posting.I've never seen this one before either.He was so talented:)