Onkyo receiver volume problem?

I have an Onkyo TX-SR707 av receiver, Emotiva xpa200 for the fronts, and as I turn the volume up, once I get to about -2 the volume just stops getting louder. But the number keeps going up to 12. Its not even that loud. I feel like it definitely used to be louder than this in the past. And this doesn't happen if its in Stereo mode. Every other surround mode, this happens in, and in Dolby Pro Logic II it stops at -5.
Wow! Your receiver goes up to 12???!!!
Does Nigel know about this??? That will blow his mind!
The number 12 doesn't really matter....my Denon goes way more than that. I suspect the reason it doesn't get louder is that in one of those sub menus, there is a maximum number allowed to get louder. That menu should be adjusted.
Sounds like you either ran out of gain or have some type of limiter in place like Stringreen says.