Onkyo A 9555 who does it compare?

How does an Onkyo A 9555 compare sound wise to your typical NAD, Rotel,Marantz integrated or NAD,Rotel seperates? Just looking for general impressions from those that may have owned one and compared it to other things? Thanks
I much preferred the Onkyo to similarly priced NAD and Rotel, owned all three. The much more expensive NAD separates sounded better, but I had breakdowns with my NAD amp and integrated and therefore kept the Onkyo. I think at current prices it is still a great value.
I tired a 162 then a 160. I thought they had a very clear sound that almost sounded to clear and for sure in the phone section I had a Rotel RC 1070 here at the same time as the 162 and thought the Rotel had a much better phone section to my ears Great PRAT. I thought the NAD screwed this up somehow.
What integrateds did you have? thanks for your help
Never used the phono on the NAD. Don't remember the model numbers, but they were same list price as the Onkyo.