Old FM Tuners....O.K., Great or Folklore...

You can name most of them, Like the Sansui 719 and more. Has anyone actually had the chance to compare an older well thought of tuner to the better current manufactured units..like Magnum Dynalab..etc.? The high end Audio hobby/passion is filled with nostalga. As an example, I put much money into a 1960 Corvette..when done my Dad said, "you know what you have there.....an old car". When I got some newer cars I learned he was right. So is older audio gear more than a trip down memory lane? And I know there are some classic models from ARC, CJ and more..... so ie: are some old classics simply old classics compared to more current high end technology and components within those units? Just asking.
Funny because for years living in NYC ,WNEW FM was the go to station  for Classic  Rock.I had a Sony STR 7065 which bought in the station so clear....that at night the Allison Steele the nightbird was in the room with you.
Rebuilt Fisher FM100B & McIntosh 110z with an old Radioshack roof top antenna.
We have two local stations that sometimes play LP’s the sound can be amazing.
Sadly I rarely listen to FM anymore because of the constant commercial interruptions. Instead use Tidal or just play my LP’s.

In the heydey of FM radio (60's and 70's) it was a very important source in hifi-landia, and many manufacturers (especially the Japanese mass market companies) went all out to build state of the art tuners. Today, very little effort is directed at FM tuner design. There are so many vintage top flight tuners available at very reasonable prices that I have had never any interest in exploring brand new "hi end" tuners.

I am lucky to live in an area with 5 non-commercial stations (commercial stations have become unlistenable.) I have three vintage SS tuners (McIntosh MR-78, Marantz 20b, Pioneer TX-9500II) and one digitally synthesized (Sanyo Plus T55.) Right now the last one might be my favorite, and it cost me $55. It may well could be bettered by a Magnum Dynalab or vintage super tuner, but it (and the other three as well) sound like music to me so I am happy. (The hobby being what it is, I would like to get my hands on a good tube tuner, however.) 
Vintage FM tuners can be great additions to your system. 
I had a Marantz 10B for years and it was awesome. After moving on from my tube gear a Luxman provided some good FM. Currently using a Marantz Model 20 which was just refreshed by the folks at Audio Classics. I've got to say, it sounds great! Probably not the equal of the 10B, but iwonderful vintage sound nevertheless.