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An audio rack that really does make a difference.
Love my Timbernation - beautiful and very solid! 
Old FM Tuners....O.K., Great or Folklore...
Vintage FM tuners can be great additions to your system. I had a Marantz 10B for years and it was awesome. After moving on from my tube gear a Luxman provided some good FM. Currently using a Marantz Model 20 which was just refreshed by the folks a... 
AR XA Turntable cartridge
I've been having a lot of fun with the system - some of the items were new back from my college days! A little off topic but I did upgrade the speakers to Thiel 3.5's. Quite a transformation in the sound! 
Record Cleaning Machines
I have an older VPI 16.5 and it works great! 
Stacked Large Advents v Cornwalls v Klipschorns
I have not heard the Advents, but have owned Cornwalls, Khorns - and La Scalas. Generally agree with roxy54. Of the three, for my systems the La Scalas just didn't deliver. The Cornwalls were quite good and were all original. The Khorns were on a ... 
VPI Speed Controller
Had an SDS with my TNT6 for years - loved it! 
Considering vinyl again and a possible used TT
One other thing to consider - a record cleaning machine. For me this has made in most significant improvement in my lp system. I understand this will create another expense, but based on the benefit derived I think it is well worth it. I picked up... 
Thiel Owners
I’m in the process of acquiring a test cd so I can better identify just what is going on with the bass. Will keep everyone posted.  
Thiel Owners
Thanks for the suggestions. I know the eq has been recently recapped so I suspect it is operating properly. Although I’ve never really used an equalizer I do currently have one ( other than the Thiel one) in my system - see my virtual system under... 
Thiel Owners
unsoundI have the equalizer between the preamp (Marantz 7T) and the amp (Marantz 15). I've tried the 20 and the 40 settings but haven't detected any difference. I have had the amp and preamp completely gone through and restored as needed. The amp,... 
Thiel Owners
I’ve been meaning to post here for a while. But since this was a ‘new speaker acquisition’ thing the posts seemed to be pretty technical and I couldn’t seem to find the right opportunity. Decided just to jump in. I’ve been an enthusiast for a long... 
AR XA Turntable cartridge
Finally posted to the Virtual Systems area. Can be found by looking for 'frank's vintage system'.   
AR XA Turntable cartridge
That is a really good way to describe it - fun and satisfying. I don’t feel a need to be quite so particular in how I use the system as previously but it provides a terrific listening medium. Especially considering I’ve owned a number of the piece... 
AR XA Turntable cartridge
I was fortunate to secure a Stanton 681EEE. I installed it today and the results are very pleasing. My expectations were realistic as I know we're not talking high end here, but for lack of a better way to put it, I am hearing a little more of mos... 
AR XA Turntable cartridge
Thanks!I’ll try the Shure. Also will read up on the Grado. Any thoughts on a Stanton 681EEE?