Okki Nokki or kirmuss audio / isonic ultrasonic rcm?


I’m looking to invest in a record cleaning regiment. I am trying to balance cost, time and quality. I have a Monday-Friday job, live in a smallish condo with a fiancé. I have about 200 albums (80% used / 20% new) and will flip in and out garage / record store finds, sell as needed ending up with clean, quiet records. Budget is a concern and will most likely spin 33/45.

ISonic is more generic, almost no reviews but cleans 4 LPs at once, I can finish with a spin clean rinse with distilled water. Isonic automatically spins while I can do other things like prepping. Blot (recommend a cloth please) with a towel, air dry on a rack (20-30minutes) then put in sleeve city inner sleeves.

kirmuss has more reviewers but cleans 2 LPs at once only. Machine seems the same with an adapter. The 2 slot seems like a deal breaker for me. 

Im not sure if these will remove any finger prints so I might need to manually scrub anyway.

If I go the okki nooki route, i would manually scrub off finger prints, oils, smoke, vacuum, flip record, clean, vacuum. Then rinse in spin clean with distilled water, back on to vacuum, flip, vacumm then to the drying rack for less time.

Id love to hear thoughts on pros / cons of these. I know about the record doctor (add KAB bearing). But ON reviews say it’s quieter and possibly faster / more automatic. I’m looking to buy once, cry once here.

Thanks in advance. 
 Ken, in my estimation, you need both a conventional record cleaning regime as well as ultrasonic, at least for used records. 
I know there are those who think any vacuum machine adds static and potential cross-contamination but you can minimize those; in addition, ultrasonic cleaning brings something more, but it doesn't in my experience deal well with grunge embedded into old records as effectively as when combined with conventional cleaning.
DIY ultrasonic offers a feature set that is unavailable on commercial made for LP ultrasonic cleaners, including multiple frequencies, degassing, and high grade filtration.  
I'm also a big believer in a pure water rinse to remove any remaining surfactant and contaminants on the record. Much is in the method as well as the machines. 
I had an Audio Desk, currently have the KL and when it goes, will go DIY. On the vacuum front, had an ancient VPI since the early '80s and now use a big Monks. But, with 'best practices' I could get very good results on the old VPI, using two vacuum wands (one for fluid, the other for rinse and two applicators, for the same reason). 
It takes more work, is not 'one button' convenience, but for old records purchased used, the ultrasonic alone was not a complete solution for me. I learned this from trying to clean some pretty valuable old pressings that weren't easily replaceable. I have, over the years, developed various routines, so my practices will vary, depending on the condition of the record-- 
You can bring this in on a budget. 
This thread might be a big help with a cost effective way to get you where you are heading. It works great!

See pics of the setup on my system page which is linked in one of the posts on pg3 or here:
I picked up an Okki Nokki and cleaned 5 records with their supplied fluid. It seems to do a nice job. I bought a Mofi brush ($20) which is much nicer than included brush.