Oil caps-any advise on sonics?

This question is geared for those who have tweaked their gear in the past. I have a AE-3 pre that came with Audio1 oil caps. I would like to install a pair of Jensen paper in oil caps to replace the Kimbers currently installed. My question is two fold. First will replacing different oil caps other than the Audio1 make any sense and second what's the scoop on the Audio note oil caps. I have seen a ad for some with the same values I need to replace the Kimbers but they look HUGE. I don't know if I'll have enough room. Any input will help. Thanks
South: Check out the tube and DIY forums @ AA. There is a new cap (maybe a new AN) which I recently read about that some people now favor over the Jensen's (I assume that it is also smooth sounding). There is also tons of info on other caps. I just read about some Teflon ones from Russia that are now being raved (would like to try these in my old Pilot amp as they are dirt cheap).
Thanks Dekay, I'll give it a read. I'm just trying to get as much out of this pre as possible.
experimentation is really the only valid way to find out what will happen in your own system & what you most prefer regarding sonic signature.
If you were going from plastic, or metal film caps, you probably would hear, a discernable difference. But both are premium oil caps, and the differences, would be subtle, and very likely be masked, by the additional lead lenth, needed to place the bigger ones, in circuit. But only replacing them, will tell you.
Hey I would reccomend calling "Kirk" ay AES....he has been very helpful with tweeking mY AE3. I put in the oil caps and hex fred fast recovery diodes. Im not sure how the latest models are built but he actually recommended replacing the .22 caps that link the tubes with a just a jumper cable. THis will actually make an improvement. This is how the DJH preamp is made (with two less caps). I love this little preamp and would love to hear others experiances with it. I actually just bought the super amp signature yesterday to replace a quite new Mcintosh SS amp. I think Im falling in love again........
Again thanks to everyone that responded. Awexler I'll give kirk a call. I replaced the caps in a LS7 I once had with Jensen caps and really heard a pleasing difference. Good listening!