NY Manhattan "New LP's Japon IMPORT Store"?

Please advise whère available Store in NY Manhattan
"Import Japon LP's New".
Thank you.
Probably the best jazz record shop in ny is the "Jazz record Center". It is at 236th west 26th St. Most of what they have there is not new vinyl though.

good luck
as the old joke goes, the best vinyl store in nyc or london is amoeba(and they are in LA
Jaybo - don't forget the Amoeba in SF and the original one in Berkeley as well.
the best one in NYC so far is "Other Music" located just right accross from Tower Records on W4/Broadway.
i go the amoeba in frisco too...their great
Jaybo - I don't like the fact that the SF store moved the Jazz section way to the back corner. Kind of makes it inconvenient. Once, I went to all 3 stores in a weekend (doable since I live in SoCal), the Berkeley store had the best Jazz, the SF best rock, and the LA store was my least favorite. I was just at the SF store a couple weeks ago and for the first time since I can remember, I walked out witout any vinyl.
If you want good vinyl you got to come to the better (left, holy, west) coast...