Nutcracker ballet on blu-ray any recommendations?

With Christmas coming I would like to get a blu-ray of the Nutcracker and I was hoping that someone could recommend a good recording.

I have been burned before after a paying premium prices for several operas on blu-ray and dvd. I received the disk, opened the package, popped in the disk to hear tin-can audio recording and less than spectacular video, all in glorious HD!

The Amazon reviews are all worthless, either ninety nine percent of the population is deaf or listening to these recording through their tv speakers.

Wow such animosity, just before Christmas. But it is truly frustrating, please help me avoid yet another similar experience.
"The Amazon reviews are all worthless, either ninety nine percent of the population is deaf or listening to these recording through their tv speakers."

Last yeat the local PBS TV station had a program called 'Battle of the Nutcrackers'. They broadcasted a different production of the Nutcracker 4 or 5 days in succession. World class Ballet companies. It was the most enjoyable musical thing I have ever seen on TV / DVD. Magical! I was surprised I enjoyed it so much. Can't wait to see it this year.

I listerned and watched, on a old as dirt, JVC 27" CRT television Thru the built in speakers.
It could be that the reviewers on Amazon are not the problem.

I now have a modern HD flat screen. The performances should look even better now. But, the JVC is still in the garage, in case it's needed. You know how unreliable this newfangled stuff can be.
Unfortunately i missed the Battle of the Nutcrakers but I did catch the Nutcraker presented by the San Fransisco ballet that aired on PBS' Great Performances.

PBS offers it on DVD, but I would prefer a blu-ray. If I don't find anything else worthwhile I will probably purchase it.
As I recall, The San Franciso Ballet was one of the participants in the so-called Battle. I think they decided that Bolshoi 'won'. Not sure about that. They were all wonderful. I will get at least one Nutcracker DVD this year.
I am sure the judgement was based strictly on performance and not recording quality.
Rok2id, So what is the verdict on the San-Fran performance? Should I get the DVD or chance another performance on blu-ray?
Nick_sr, I do not own ANY Ballets on DVD or Blu Ray. I don't even own a blu ray player. My TV is 720p. I am giving myself the oppo 103 for Christmas. I am certainly not qualified to review the Nutcracker. These things are so wonderful to a country boy like me, that I am like a deer in the headlights. As far as I can tell they are all perfect! The only comment concerning the music was when I watched her feet and noticed the perfect sync with the music. I don't even play my TV thru my system. I think you probably hear and see things that would not be noticed by a novice like me.
I plan to buy based on the ones that will be shown on Ovation Channel this year. Every Sunday evening. San Franciso was the first, this past Sunday. My two favorites from last year were the Bolshoi and the Royal Ballet with Miyako Yoshida. I have the Royal Ballet on order from Amazon. Sorry I could not offer more meaningful input.
I finally found the San Francisco ballet on blu-ray from amazon. My copy arrived last week but only got around to watching this evening. We watched about two thirds, until my three year old had to go to bed.

it was really great, the sound was fantastic with plenty of detail and dynamics to bring out the beauty and magic of Tchaikovsky's masterpiece. Of course the dancing was beautiful as well.
I watched all the ballets on ovation tv and agree with Rok2id about the Bolshoi and ROHCG being the 2 best. All of the performances were enjoyable. The only thing I can criticize is the orchestra accompanying the Mariinsy. I thought the tempo was too slow on most of the tunes. Also I wasn't too thrilled with the SF's set designs.