Nuforce 9V2SE with Dodd tube pre?


Is there any experience or oppinion about this combination?
Thank you.
I'm not familiar with the Dodd, but I am using mine with great success and pleasure with a custom made 6SN7 tube preamp. All I can say is that the 9V2 SE is a chameleon... it will sound just like whatever you put in front of it in your electronics chain.
I am not familiar with the Dodd preamp either. I use the Nuforce 9SEV2 with a CAT Ultimate Mk2 on Avalon Eidolons and it sounds very very good. In fact, this combination is better on the Eidolons than the CAT preamp and the CAT JL-2 amp on the Eidolons. Go figure.
cant comment on the Dodd preamp though have read some good things on it. i am using a Audio Horizons 2.1 balanced with my nuforce ref 9 SE V2 amps driving my Tyler Linbrook sigs, making sweet music to my ears.
I am also not familiar with the Dodd product. I am running the Nuforce 9SEV2 with a Bat VK 31SE driving a pair of Coincident Eclipse III. The combination is stunning.
I am not familiar with the Dodd, but the NuForce 9SEV2 is a revelation as far as I am concerned. Very much in another class altogether from the previous versions of the product! Stunning.

Many are enjoying the harmonic richness a tubed preamp can offer to compliment the power, precision, and dimensionality the NuForce amplifiers excel in offering.

for the music,
I have a Reflection Audio battery powered preamplifier feeding my SE's to some Eidolon's. The NuForce SE's are so transparent that removing VAC from the preamp should be extremely noticeable.

I have found the common practice of pairing switching amplifiers with other lesser quality tube preamps as a means of softening the presentation, a waste of the SE's abilities. The result is your simply listening to the preamp.

The problem is usually the speakers inabilities with time and phase which generally produces a forward sounding presentation. While this is my very subjective opinion I believe Bugman and I are hearing similar results using SE's to drive Eidolon's.

I haven't any experience with the Dodd but it sounds very interesting. Dodd doesn't go into much detail regarding charging. The Reflection never sees VAC running off the batteries or the charger so in essence it's on all the time as are the SE's, I simply power up a front end devise.