NuForce DAC-9

It seems to be now shipping and its quite an interesting unit. There has been some info floating that it uses two ESS9018 Sabre DAC's in mono output, giving it eight DAC chips per channel. Discrete output stage an upgradable USB input as they are claiming to release a 24/192 USB later on.

Has anyone seen or heard this product yet? I'm inclined to give it the thirty day try.
Mmeysarosh -

The NuForce DAC-9 indeed appears to be a very interesting D/A converter! Can't wait to hear the first reactions - I believe it'll be quite the "giant-killer" at its presumed $1695...
I had opened a request for demo unit and the XLR pin configuration info. There were a few things that caught my eye about the design. One interesting tidbit was the analog output stages make do without negative feedback.

If this implementation works out, no matter how much I dislike the term "giant-killer", may very well turn out to be such. I will reserve my judgement until I try it out for myself. Other supposed killers I demoed in the past were anything but.
Mmeysarosh, I agree that this DAC has several design aspects which give it the potential to be an exceptional performer. Please let us know your impressions once you hear it, as I'd be most interested in your findings. Thanks in advance!
My dealer info has projected April 18th as the date they expect to begin shipping a few of these.
I have used the uDAC2 and the Nuforce icon. It seems like they went to the next level with this one. Seems interesting.
I have one on the way - be here next week :-)
My DAC-9 should land next week as well :) I intend to use it via its built-in preamp and USB input.
i would to hear a comparison between this and a W4S DAC2. Similar price range and chips.
The Nuforce DAC-9 does NOT contain ESS9018 chips. I have just taken one apart and found it contacts a pair of PCM1798 DAC chips. It also has a bunch of op-amps (nothing special). I took some pics of the insides, but agreed with the DAC's owner, a reseller, not to post them online.

I compared the DAC to my own Buffalo III ESS9018 DAC and this made the Nuforce DAC seem decidedly second rate.
I friend brought over his Nuforce Dac-9 to my house for a listen and I was very impressed with it. For my source I'm using a Modwright tube Oppo 83 into a Placette Active preamp, w/Pass labs XA30.5 amp.

I thought the music sounded cleaner with higher resolution with the dac-9. It took my system to a whole new level of enjoyment. Very holographic images and not a hint of sounding clinical or harsh. I want one :)